Fashion Film ‘Fruits De Mer’ Shows A Twisted Side Of Adultery

When it comes to adultery, usually the lover is the one that plays tricks on their married paramour for various reasons but for the most part, it’s usually for more attention or more ‘hush gifts.  In fashion film ‘Fruits de Mer’, filmmaker Hala Matar flips the script on that aspect of adultery.  In it, we first meet the confused + beautiful adulteress played by Zoë Le Ber, waking up in the Bar Chateau Marmont as a victim of a vicious prank played on her by her restauranteur lover Fred, played by old school actor C. Thomas Howell, dressed in vintage Vivienne Westwood of course.  You see, the adulteress wakes up in her lover’s suit + asks where her vintage frilly + pink Nina Ricci dress is as she can’t quite meet her husband in nothing else, right?

When the dress does resurface, it turns up as part of a taunt as ‘My Funny Valentine’ is sung to her by a handsome tattooed James Ransone from ‘The Wire’ wearing the very same dress she’s desperately looking for.  Now you would think the poor girl would get her dress back, but nope, it doesn’t happen.  ’The dress is forensic evidence of what happened the night before, without it she’s naked, hence powerless,’ Matar tells NOWNESS.  Simply brilliant except for one blip in the beginning – the lack of continuity: in addressing her lover as to where her dress is wearing no earrings + all of sudden they appear in next frame.



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