FKA twigs Seduces + Hypnotizes In New Video ‘Pendulum’


Wake up to the haunting vocals of FKA twigs in her self-directed video for ‘Pendulum’.  Off last year’s ‘LP1’, in this video, you see twigs suspended in the air, tied up with rope + her own hair, Kinbaku/Shibari style, which is the Japanese form of erotic bondage, to then be swallowed up by a cool silver blob, thanks to CGI magic.  Thankfully, she emerges like a Phoenix, in a sick metallic silver outfit, with long fringe + high-heeled boots, commanding attention with her slick dance moves.  

Hypnotized by her breathy seduction singing lines like ‘Lately I’m…Not so present now.  Not enough For your constant found,’ or ‘You forgot How we fell in love.  I’m your sweet…Little love maker,’ you can’t help but be thankful that such amazing + authentic talent exists amidst all the carbon copies, more concerned with scandal + celebrity.  But how cool are the glimpses of the beautiful rope impressions on her skin from being tied up, as she dangles in the air, while looking like a modern, sexy music box ballerina?


(via OYSTER)

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