For Fall, Marc Jacobs May Have Found Inspiration In Science Fiction



When I first saw the fall collection for Marc Jacobs, the future came to mind but the sci-fi kind.  The simplicity of the looks, primarily in light colors, reminded me of the vision shared by many sci-fi filmmakers of the past, on what people were thought of wearing in the future – clothes that are very nondescript + clean, leaving individuality to the person’s emotion + reasoning rather than their style through dressing.  The barefaced models with blunt-cut wigs secured with wide headbands further emphasized this.  In a way, a lot of these looks mimicked uniforms but with beautiful + interesting nuances.

There were dresses + tunics over pants, in textured knits + simple fabrics.  At times, these looks had a monochrome palette, broken up by different colored shapes (row 3, look 4).  On the other hand, this break also came in the form of shiny graphics (row 3, look 1) or airy organza ruffle detail (row 1, look 4).image


(photos: George Chinsee)

(via WWD)

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