Introducing The Diane Pernet Fragrance Collection


Yesterday, the inimitable + brilliant style icon Diane Pernet, unveiled her fragrance collection at Liberty.  Renown for being one of the first few bloggers with her blog ‘A Shaded View On Fashion‘ founded in 2005, she then went on to create her critically acclaimed fashion film festival ‘A Shaded View On Fashion Film‘ (ASVOFF) in 2008.  Now, if you’re not familiar with Pernet, I suggest you go to her blog + find out for yourself why she’s applauded for her iconic good taste, eye for design + unique style.  The all black look of the fragrance bottle, mimics Pernet’s signature look of tall headpieces decorated with wire spiders.  And her voice, is beyond amazing! (Click here to take a listen.)


(photo: Alan Galati)

The collection is made up of four scents – Wanted, To Be Honest, In Pursuit of Magic + of course, Shaded – said to match a facet of Diane’s personality + style.   When HUNGER asked her how each scent was able to capture her essence + personality, she replied ‘Developing these perfumes has taken me down many paths. Some lead me back in time or toward fragments of real memories in my life. Others were more akin to imagined adventures or daydreams. But they’re all very much my own ‘shaded view’ in one way or another.  Even though a fragrance is invisible it is able to be effective because the fragrance creates an atmosphere + sets a mood. Each scent in my quartet works on your senses in a different way, reflective of a facet of my personality. For example Wanted is more carnal while To Be Honest is more serene, Shaded is more nocturnal while In Pursuit of Magic is more invigorating + hypnotic.’

The packaging alone is a ‘hard sell ’ for me – very sexy!   Too bad it’s not as easy as a spritz, to channel such greatness.


To purchase your very own Diane Pernet fragrance, click here.

(via HUNGER)

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