Jeremy Scott’s Tongue-In-Kitsch Moschino Fall Collection


Of all the designers in the world that could do the late Franco Moschino proud, there’s no one better than Jeremy Scott.  For Scott’s debut collection, the eccentric Moschino wit, popularized in the Eighties, regained new life under the designer’s brilliant direction.  


Nuanced Eighties excess came alive with gold rope chains decorating necks, while also being used as piping on dresses + jackets.  More gold appeared as buckles on dresses, while bold letters, spelling out MOSCHINO made their mark on boots, purses, baseball caps + belts.  Pop culture references then worked their way towards the finale which was pretty sick.image

Spongebob Squarepants made an appearance,


as did Mickey D’s.  There was a yellow ‘M’ for MOSCHINO, similar to McDonald’s, decorating a blouse, shoes + a french fries box purse.  But what really killed me was the cow print suit with the ‘Happy Meals’ purse.  You just had to ask yourself, ‘Would a cow really wear a ‘Happy Meal’ purse which is probably carrying parts of a family member?’image

Finally, the exquisite gowns with perfectly placed pop cult brands, such as Hershey’s +  Budweiser, made their appearance.  Yet, overall, the nutrition facts label wedding gown above, was my favorite.


(photos: Davide Maestri)

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