Marni’s Fall Collection Is Full Of Variety + Form


For Marni’s Fall collection, designer Consuelo Castiglioni showed no signs of restraint, but in the best way possible.  There were many silhouettes present that breathed life into the many types of women out there. 


‘Amplification, exaggeration, gentle distortion,’ were written in the designer’s program notes, + that there was.  Form was as much present as it was not, with ruffled looks including adorning tops (row 4, look 4) while wrapping themselves up from the ankles to the waist (row 4, look 2).  image

There were skirts just above the ankle, that were at times plain + sometimes embellished with feathers.  Then you had those looks that were somewhat tailored including a hot pink skirt suit (row 5, look 3) + a fuchsia red sleeveless dress wrapped by a slight black ruffle along the bodice (row 5, look1).


Fur also shared the spotlight as a stole, sometimes exposing one shoulder +  as a tri-colored coat, by way of vertical stripes (row 4, look 1) or rough round circles (row 2, look 4).image

(photos: Giovanni Giannoni)

(via WWD)

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