Modern-Day Snow White Inspires Red Valentino For Fall, Rotten Apple + All


Having a penchant for fairy tales as inspiration, for Fall Red Valentino looked to a modern-day Snow White as its muse.  Luckily for us, the collection did not contain a single literal piece, other than the red bow headband.  Instead, there was a pop-art approach to all the looks.


All the pieces had a sweet innocence to them, with one bearing a slight irony.  There was a rotten apple sweater with a half-tone pattern, alike Lichtenstein’s many works, which worked very well when paired with leather shorts (row 2 look 3).  An overall heart pattern decorated both sweaters + shorts, while a denim romper looked adorable with black socks + yellow heels (row 3, look3).


But the true stars of this collection are the accessories, hands down.  I mean, how cool would it be to attend a dinner, party or late night hook-up with a bag that says ’ The Fairest Of Them All’ across it?  What about bringing a bag that says ‘Once Upon A Time’ when you’re going to break up with someone? 


(photos: Courtesy)

The rotten apple made another appearance on two small bags, while the traditional Snow White uniform was dissected + simplified into a large clutch, in yellow with a blue flap + of course, a red bow handle (above).  The heels were also touched with pop art, with yellow stilettos embellished with expressive red lips + another pair with all-over print of a woman’s face sitting on ornate heels.

(via WWD)

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