Pamela Love’s Heart Is Set To Go Wild When She Hooks Up With Zadig et Voltaire


(photo: Courtesy Photo)

There’s never been such a perfect match like the one between cool French contemporary label Zadig et Voltaire + American jewelry designer Pamela Love.  The jewelry collaboration collection called ‘Wild Heart’ will consist of 6 pieces in various metals including antique silver, antique brass or gold plate and range in price from $210 to $560.  A collection mixing rock influences with elements from nature, is perfect for the Zadig customer, with major broad appeal as  ’you can wear it in many ways,” added Zadig & Voltaire’s artistic director Cecilia Bönström said. 

‘Pamela Love is joined with the rock attitude of Zadig,’ said Bönström and if you’re familiar with Pamela’s work, you’d agree too.  Love hopes this collaboration will grant her the same recognition she has in the US with European audiences.

“I’m not as well known [in Europe] as I am in America, for sure, and I know that Zadig has a lot of exposure and reach. So I really do hope that it helps to build brand awareness and drive people to discover my main line,” she said. “It’s a mixture of my line with the Zadig aesthetic.” 

The ‘Wild Heart’ collection includes two-finger snake rings, horn-shaped earrings and a bird-skull necklace (above).  By March, the collection will be in Zadig stores worldwide, so mark your calendars.

(via WWD)

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