Ready Yourself For Affordable Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Africa Bags At ASOS

I love a bargain, especially when there’s real value.  But when you throw in proceeds from sales going to a worthy charity, I have to control myself on how many to buy simply to help.  Well, that’s exactly what Vivienne Westwood is doing with her cool Ethical Africa bags.  To make sure everyone can own a bag + help, Westwood’s partnering with ASOS.

If you can believe it, prices are starting at just £58/$78, which is nothing compared to what anything Westwood costs.  The bag designs for this new collection include unisex rucksacks, cloth bags + totes.  The bags will feature graphic prints including an anchor, Westwood’s signature Orb + squiggle-print.

Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Africa bags are available this Friday, January 24th.

(via Telegraph)

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