Real Horror Gets A Haute Floral Makeover

When it comes to horror flicks, I’m not such a fan, especially when dealing with the occult, no matter what science says.  I’m so bad in fact,  it’ll take me about three months to truly shake off any cursed imagery out of my head.  One character in particular, is that scary bitch in ‘The Ring’, 1998.  Remember ‘Sadako’, the vengeful female ghost + one of the most iconic personas in Asian horror, climbing out of the television + into your home to kill you?  Well, it’s not as if the hair combed over her face was bad enough, there was always that one eye, glaring at you.  But Images with hair combed over faces in fashion, are nothing new, but when you give it this sort of spin, you have to take note.


In the hands of Malaysian-born artist Sokkuan Tye, the fear is gone + you kind of want to befriend this version of Sadako.  Published in this month’s issue of indie-art-design-fashion magazine Vulture, a photo spread entitledSadako’s Garden’, gives us a glimpse of what could’ve been, with various florals intertwined into the model’s hair, with all the action still happening in front of the face – business as usual is packaged a lot prettier, this time around.




(photos: Lester Lai)

An ongoing for project for Tye, with ‘Sadako’ in a project called ‘Sadako’s Unfashionable Fashion Diary, her narrative is that of an oddball dreamer, traveling the world, with her hair over her face, talking to her cactus + owning a lot of beautiful tights.  You should definitely check it out – very interesting.

Brava for such beauty.


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