SIREN’s SONG By Hannes Caspar

For kALTbLuT magazine, classical pianist Jack Woodhead is beautifully captured by Berlin photographer Hannes Caspar.  Wearing CEXN, a label by Bartholomäus Wischnewski + Dana Mikelson, from the ‘SIREN’s SONG’ series + practically nothing else, Woodhead is stripped down to a form of expression complimenting the piece(s) he’s wearing, which are true works of art.  Using various materials including wire, feathers + pearls, CEXN manages to capture a romantic elegance with contemporary sensibility.

Woodhead, a performer who combines his virtuosic piano skills with singing, comedy + haute couture style looks like someone straight out of 1940s Berlin, doesn’t he?

Doesn’t he look like a young Freddy Mercury in this pic below?

(via kALTbLuT)

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