Stand Out This Summer With A Contrasting Denim Piece By Dori Tomcsanyi


Denim, for the most part, is a staple of American sportswear + when it looks this good, you just have to have it.  Part of the SS/13 collection by Budapest based designer Dori Tomcsanyi, each piece is a great reiteration of it’s particular silhouette.  Take the shirtdress for instance (below) + how easily it’s simple cut + design makes it special.  


I just love the light color denim welt + side faux front pocket detail.

With the oversize denim tee (below), which could easily double as a shift dress, it’s simplicity at it’s best.  Look at how effortless the contrasting denim on the back of the tee makes it a standout piece.


But if you find these pieces to be too much denim for you, which is very doubtful, you could always settle for one of the bottoms offered in the collection.


There are the harem pants with the lightest color waistband, dark color cuffs, side pockets + hidden zip fly;  You have the mini skirt with banded colors – lightest color waistband, dark color wide band + lighter color bottom hem; + Then, the amazing pleated trousers, again with the lightest color denim waistband, side stripes, side pocket + welt detail, accentuating the dark colored trousers.

All of the pieces seen here are available for purchase online at I AM.


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