Start Your New Year In Full Bloom

With the NYE right around the corner, one immediately thinks, sequins, shiny, or anything glittery something to wear as in a dress or separate, jewelry, bags and hair accessories but clearly, not all at once.  So why not try switching it up a bit and starting your new year in full bloom with these beautiful flower clips by Parisian Karubo Balloboo.


(photo: Karuna Balloo)

An idea that literally started on her head, Karuna Balloo often adorned her hair with clips full of blooming instigation.  Every time she would wear one, her friends wanted one and as the demand grew larger, she figured the next logical step would be to go into business.  Formerly a textile designer, Karuna now aptly calls herself a horticultrice textile due to the laboring process of creating her flowers using just one square piece of cloth.  The origami-like folding is inspired by the folded flowers found on a kanzashi (Japanese ornamental hairpin) worn by geishas.  Yet, not any old fabric will do.  Karuna collects vintage dead stock from RTW + haute couture collections in France, which usually includes finding that ‘right’ piece of gold lamé.  Sometimes, she might add a few lifelike fabric stamens to give it more depth.

Plus, with names including ‘Volver’ based on her favorite Pedro Almodovar film, ‘Hawaiian Wedding’ based on an Elvis Presley song + ‘One Night In Bangkok’, how can a girl resist?

Available online.

(via VOGUE)

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