Super Duper’s ‘Mercurial Transformable Hat’ Spoils You With Three Hats In One


Meet Super Duper’s ‘Mercurial Transformable Hat’.  Handmade of 100% lapin fur felt, you get three hats in one.  Zip on the brim for a chic fedora (above), wear it as a simple naval style cap (below),

or zip on the ear flaps for a cold winter’s night, as seen below.

This hat is definitely a worthy investment + would make an awesome gift for the holidays.  This is what the hat looks like while deciding which one goes best with your mood or look – who thought function could look this good?

But it doesn’t stop there.  The hat comes in this special designer stamped box with zipper detailed lid, which just adds to the luxe mystique inside.  Cool right?  

Available at Anthem Wares.

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