Tattoo Artist To Marc Jacobs Launches Limited Edition Wine For Free Arts NYC


Scott Campbell, tattoo artist to many celebrities including Marc Jacobs, can now add wine maker to his resume.   Scott has released a limited-edition box set of ‘Saved Wines’ to benefit the arts education charity Free Arts NYC.  Free Arts NYC, comprised of about 500 artists + collectors, provides underserved children + families with a unique combination of educational arts + mentoring programs, annual auctions + outreach activities that help them to foster the self-confidence + resilience needed to realize their fullest potential.  Now, this isn’t Campbell’s first involvement with Free Arts – back in May, he created a collaborative ‘karmic mentorship’ inspired by the permanence of tattoos, as part of the arts org initiative.

Created by both Campbell +  California winemaker Clay Brock, 100 black lacquer boxes adorned with original artwork by Campbell that depict characters + symbols rooted in various superstitious symbols that are not just prevalent in tattoo artistry, but also represent the artist’s belief in the power of symbolism + the ability of willpower to set positive well-being in motion, will contain a limited edition set of ‘Saved Wines’.  In fact, with each set dedicated to Scott’s desire to improve youth access to arts education, in this case Free Arts NYC, along with symbols of optimism, is a winning karmic equation.

Each box will contain a 750-mL Saved Red Wine 2012 — a robust, rich wine with ripe berry flavors from Merlot, Malbec, Syrah + Zinfandel + one Saved “Magic Maker” Rosé 2013 – a bone dry rosé made from a Cabernet Franc-dominant blend of red varietals with notes of cantaloupe + guava.

Available for $100 via, each set is dedicated to Scott’s desire to improve youth access to arts education, + what a sexy set it is!


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