Futuristic Linear + Spectral Shaped Tattoos

A while back, when I first laid eyes on these spectral shaped tattoos, I gagged, and Tattoo artist Chaim Machlev, with the Dots to Lines studio is guilty for such amazing work. What kills me is the meticulous detail involved in each tattoo + all the lines involved – I’m a sucker for lines, what can I say. […]

Being Part Of Skin Data With Amanda Wachob At New Museum Store

This weekend, I had the pleasure of being part of an art project that started with an email I received weeks ago, that read ‘Get Inked at the New Museum Store with Amanda Wachob’ (It pays to be a member!).  When I saw that in my inbox, I had to read it over + over again, […]

Robert Kalinkin‘s slogan of ‘Make A Statement’ could never have been more obvious than in this fashion film which praises body modification in many ways, making a statement as loud as possible.  You have several diamond shapes running up the model’s arms, torso + back, followed by raised lines along her hairline down around her […]

Tattoo Artist To Marc Jacobs Launches Limited Edition Wine For Free Arts NYC

Scott Campbell, tattoo artist to many celebrities including Marc Jacobs, can now add wine maker to his resume.   Scott has released a limited-edition box set of ‘Saved Wines’ to benefit the arts education charity Free Arts NYC.  Free Arts NYC, comprised of about 500 artists + collectors, provides underserved children + families with a unique combination […]

Tell me this video isn’t hot-being inked + at the beach no less ?!  Here you get to see episode 2 of ‘Endorphin’, a web series project featuring French contemporary artist Supakitch integrally tattooing the body of model, Angie Jenkins, but this time in SoCal.  But how could any woman refuse – just look at the beautiful curves + […]