The Seahorse, An Unlikely Spring Hair Accessory


I’m sure you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for even suggesting such a thing, but the idea of wearing a dead sea animal in your hair is not as crazy as you think.  For me, when I saw the seahorses above, at a shop that sold antiques, as soon as I saw their straight tails, I just imagined how beautiful they would look in my topknot, at the time.  As soon as I paid for them, they went right into my hair + they looked just as I pictured them.

Now, I will admit, their vacant eyes freaked me out a little, but once in my hair, their graphic + unique presence dispelled that fear.  I’ve considered adding a Swarovski crystal into their eye sockets or even spraying them in a metallic or high gloss paint, but figured that would compromise the integrity of the piece way too much + for that, I might as well buy a fake + plastic seahorse with visible side seams.

For Spring, I found these different hair beauty trends from NYFW Spring 2014 that could easily accommodate some seahorse-play.  Below on the left, there’s the tight chignon at Carolina Herrera, where seahorses would add that element of surprise, to such a classic + neat hairstyle.  Since my hair is now shorter than before, I will probably adopt the look on the right, of a loosely pinned-up bob at Badgley Mischka – doesn’t it look great with them in there?


Messy is the name of the game with these hair beauty looks – The milkmaid braids are still here to stay, as shown at Rebecca Minkoff (left).  You then have some romantic flair at Zac Posen, where you can add seahorses to the floral mix, while at Rachel Zoe, your make-shift french braid concoction perfectly embraces these dead adornments.


So don’t be shy or grossed out + give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.  But please note, although beautiful, they are considered to be an endangered species + if you do buy them, buy them from a shop like I did, that only had 5 at hand for sale + not a bucket full, like in some Chinese medicine spots, that are under much criticism.

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