WANTED: ‘Blue Eye Spy Sunglasses’ By Linda Farrow + Yazbukey


If Linda Farrow, a master when it comes to sunglasses + Yazbukey, who adds her incredible wit to her accessories, were to collaborate, I am certain the end result would be anything but great + these sunglasses are proof! These ‘Blue Eye Spy’ sunnies, with their cartoon-inspired eye shape sunglasses in multi-colored acetate with grey lenses, are sure to perk up any look all year round!



Made in Japan, these black, red + white eye-shaped sunglasses, come in smooth, glossy acetate. But what adds allure to these comical sunnies is their small, grey nylon lenses, allowing any onlooker a peek into the wearer’s real eyes. Complete with a cleaning cloth + drawstring case, these sunglasses will surely make you the talk of the gloomy cold months ahead. But just remember, eyes are known to be a talisman to ward off evil + here you get two!


These ‘Blue Eye Spy’ sunglasses by Linda Farrow x Yazbukey can be purchased at Avenue 32.

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