WANTED: Entropia Cape + Entropia Shoes By Luisa Luparello



If there’s one true guarantee of Fall fashion it’s high drama with the variety of choices.  You have a lot of textiles to choose from, volume is a usual must + layering the norm.  Considering Entropy Necessity, as a natural need, of simplifying, cleaning out + creating abstraction from a chaotic system to find an order, gave birth to the ’Entropia’ AW/14 collection.  With this Fall collection, designer Luisa Luparello, mixes simple shapes + graphic touches with soft draperies while pure wool clothes combined with mellow fabrics in a continual duotone, create a balance where the chaos once was.  

Fall is also a season where you have plenty more classics to choose from, since there’s always a different take on them.  One such classic + timeless item is the cape, but boy, is this one a must have!  


Part of Luisa Luparello’s ‘Entropia’ AW/14 collection, the Entropia Cape has the feel of an artist’s smock meets caftan, in 100% camel wool.  With edges, collar + pockets piped in a darker color, cinched together with the hint of a belt in front, makes this cape pretty versatile + special indeed.

Now I’m not one that often likes to be head-to-toe in one label, but here, I’d have to make the exception as these Entropia Shoes look fantastic with the Entropia Cape.  The boots are made in the same wool fabric as the cape, on top of a covered wedge heel, with a zipper down the sides.  

To purchase your very own Entropia Cape or EntropiaShoes, head over to Wowcracy.

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