What To Do With Your Old Leather Bag


A leather purse usually carries as many memories as its owner but when it can no longer be used for its intended purpose, what then?  Do you cast it out only to make room for your new purse or do you keep it hanging around like a piece of sculpture?  What if I were to tell you, you could wear it as part of pair of pants?


Well, that’s exactly what Italian brand Ayo van Elmar pulled off with their unique ‘Bag Lady Print Funky Pants’ (above), part of their ‘Bag Lady’ collection.  Low-waisted, with their bold African print, paired with deconstructed parts + elements from a high quality faux leather bag, these pants would compliment any season with that element of surprise.  I especially love the side buckle detail that hugs the hips on both sides, ending in a leather half circle with contrast stitching.

‘The cry of a Bag, personified as human’ is from where the unique ‘Bag Lady’ collection was born.  Comprised of high quality Afro-European fusion wear, items that were once bags are deconstructed + reconstructed to become wearable and eco-friendly fashion outfits.  

To purchase your pair of ’Bag Lady Print Funky Pants’, go to Wowcracy.

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