Ziggy Stardust’s Fashion Designer Is Back In Fashion

Last Friday, Tokyo was in for a real treat with Kansai Yamamoto‘s return to fashion, packaged in a show full bright colors, cool graphics + various silhouettes, with lots of personality.  If you’re wondering why this guy is so important, two words – Ziggy Stardust or David Bowie, take your pick.  More notably known as Bowie’s designer during his Ziggy Stardust tour, his return back to fashion just seemed to be an organic decision.  Kansai told WWD, ‘The first 20 years of my career I spent as a fashion designer, then the next 20years I focused on entertainment.  Now, for the first time, I am combining those two things.’


Fast forward to the Nineties, when fashion + Kansai parted ways.  After selling his avant-garde pieces throughout New York, London + Paris, he decided to work on live entertainment events, which he called Super Shows.  Combining music, acrobatics, dance + traditional Japanese festivals, his shows have captivated audiences worldwide.


(photos: Yukie Miyazaki)

Now, although this show was at a smaller scale than his Super Shows, it still had hints of both fashion + entertainment, as samurai looks worn by martial artists lunged onto the runway, amongst other models.  Not bad for 69, especially when you look like that (blue kimono jacket above) + still bursting with creativity like that bomber jacket above in top row, look 3 – graffiti bubble letters spell his name on the sleeves, while the rest of the jacket is emblazoned  with floral embroideries, paired with patterned harem pants

(via WWD)

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