Here’s a great fashion film teaser for ‘Black Current’, the first marketed + second solo collection by Phoebe Heess, shown at Berlin Fashion Alternative Week 2014.  

I have mad respect for her for using the Metatron’s Cube symbol as a focal point in the film, while imagery of models wearing pieces from the collection, spill out of it.  Metatron’s Cube, a sacred geometry symbol made up of thirteen circles, is considered by some as the ‘Fruit of Life’ which in turn is considered a 

blueprint of the universe, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, + everything in existence.  But it all makes sense as the ‘Black Current’ collection is inspired by the threshold between the net, quantum mechanics, magic + the functional clothing future practitioners or hackers might wear.

Phoebe’s style is based on the work by Pierre Soulages, whose monochromatic black works elaborate on what happens to the color’s different surfaces reflecting when lit, as seen in these Soulages pieces below.

(L-‘Peinture, 296 x 165 cm, 4 janvier 2014’ R-‘Peinture 309 x 181 cm, 12 décembre 2013’) 

By using contradicting materials, including mesh with leather, Phoebe accomplishes the same effect created by Soulages.  Thankfully, due to technology, the designer is able to create even more black variations of her signature style.



(via NJAL)

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