Ahhh, nothing better than waking up to the sound of empowerment, especially when it’s Charli XCX, in a new video for ‘Breaking Up’!  Breaking up, usually painted as something that’s too hard to do, is sometimes the only thing you CAN do, particularly when the relationship is so wrong.  But when Charli makes it look like this much fun,  the fear attached to such a thing is blown away, sealed with a goodbye air kiss!   Directed by BRTHR, with colorful graphics, cheesy fonts, very short skirts + high high heels, in the video, Charli dumps her boyfriend + hangs with her friends at a bowling alley, where they threaten some guys with bowling balls + eat a bunch of candy + ice cream.  The video is very ‘NASTY GAL’, don’t you think?  Do I smell designer collaboration?

So if your relationship sucks, there’s no better time to break up than now, especially with the holidays coming up!  Not only does Charli prove how not bad it is, just think, one less present to buy with your ex out of the picture!


(via pitchfork)

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