I love this fashion film for Rickyy Wong, especially the picture on picture action.  Featuring Wong’s SS15 La Soif de L’Amour – L’Éternité, the collection itself is about the desire of love.  Inspired by the fourth painting ‘Love Letter’, from a series of artworks ‘The Progress of Love’, by JH. Fragonard, which shows the meaning of eternity to the couple in the artwork.

Directed by Egill Bjarki Jonsson, I love the juxtaposition of mixing functionality with frivolity.  A for instance would be the very relaxed fit of the guy’s white pants paired with a long pastel colored muscle shirt, with high side slits, in a very feminine fabric similar to chiffon.  Overall, it is a beautiful film that really evokes the sense of it being a visual love letter.



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