There’s nothing better than an accessory that assumes the form of something utilitarian but in fact, it just exists as a form of expression + adornment, which is exactly what these ‘Acrylic Glasses’ by Shalo Shayo are all about.  Yet, what makes this glasses, in the trendy circular shape so special, are the words ‘See With Your Tongue’ in capital letters written across the top.


Part of ‘The Recreation of the Memory’ collection, inspired by synesthesia, the mixture of the 5 human senses (sight, smell, taste, touch + hearing), these glasses were ‘created from the idea of being able to be reminded of a visual image by tasting something.  According to the designer, the complete sensory experience involving these five senses, is included in the garment or accessory, in this case; The sight through images + colour perception, touch by the mix of textures in each garment, the smell of the fabrics either synthetically or naturally, taste through the association between a texture or colour with some flavour that we know that can stimulate the taste buds, + hearing by the sound produced fabrics rub skin or between them; All of these sensations intended to provoke an emotion or trigger a memory.’  They are a collectible + can be used as a decorative object.

If you too would like to ‘See With Your Tongue’, these ‘Acrylic Glasses’ are available for purchase at NOT JUST A LABEL.

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