Natasha Khan: Under the Indigo Moon on

Sunny glazed films are far better than glazed donuts, especially when it’s YMC-styled fashion film ‘Under The Indigo Moon’ by Bat For Lashes songstress Natasha Kahn.  Inspired by Patricia Arquette’s trashy, playful, US motel aesthetic in film ‘True Romance’, Kahn captures her sepia-coated road trip, driving along the snaking Sunset Boulevard with her LA-based buddy, former Devendra Banhart drummer Gregory Rogove, on 16mm, for that genuine gritty feel.

The dreamy + carefree soundtrack created with Beck, serving as the perfect backdrop, takes you by the hand with each + every sound, from the drums, electronic xylophone + anything else synthesized, while Natasha’s voice echoes + tickles.  But don’t think for a second this is just a one-time deal for Natasha – the singer hopes to make filmmaking a long-term pursuit.     NOWNESS asked Kahn if she would consider creating a feature length film + she replied, ‘I’m writing a screenplay for a short for FilmFour. It’s a really dark, gritty, family based drama, with hints of magic realism. We’re going into pre-production soon with a view to make it into a feature-length film in the next couple of years.’  

Hoping to make it a musical + visual collaboration with her producer Dan Carey, Natasha’s desire to tell stories through film + paintings rather than just music has led her to currently take illustration classes, putting Bat For Lashes on pause for now.  Of course, with naming David Lynch as her lynchpin director + Patti Smith as a musical influence, there’s no denying we’re in for many more treats from this singer.



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