Artist + photographer Andres Serrano has been known for creating works of provocation, including using bodily fluids in them.  One notable controversial + scandalous work was the artist’s 1987 ‘Piss Christ’.  Not only was ‘Piss Christ’ a photograph of a plastic crucifix submerged in a glass container of Serrano’s own urine, it received government funding which ignited a national scandal.  Yet, beauty CAN exist in the oddest of places, a notion Altamont Apparel also shares + brings to life through a collaborative project with Serrano.

This collaboration consists of black t-shirts with four images chosen from the archives of Serrano’s work that they felt will create a motion in not only the design world, but with artists alike.  The images include ‘The Morgue’, ‘America’, ‘Baby Black Jesus’ + the infamous, ‘Piss Christ’ (below).  

Talk about making a statement by wearing a simple black t-shirt, exhibiting a piece of art + history, from one of America’s greatest provocateurs + brilliant photographic talents!

You can purchase an Andres Serrano for Altamont t-shirt at Altamont Apparel.


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