WANTED: Che / Cher Guevara–Do You Believe In Life After Love Tee

Love, love, love this Cher as Che Do You Believe In Life After Love tee by FencingNArchery.  But what makes this Che tee so perfect, besides Cher being a revolutionary in her own right, is what reads under her name in Spanish (Che’s native tongue): ¿CREES EN LA VIDA DESPUÉS DEL AMOR? or Do You Believe In Love After […]

Artist + photographer Andres Serrano has been known for creating works of provocation, including using bodily fluids in them.  One notable controversial + scandalous work was the artist’s 1987 ‘Piss Christ’.  Not only was ‘Piss Christ’ a photograph of a plastic crucifix submerged in a glass container of Serrano’s own urine, it received government funding which ignited a national […]

LINSANITY by The Forest Lab

(photo: freshness) When you have ‘die hard’ NY Knicks fan Spike Lee, wearing your design (especially on the court), you know you’re onto something good. Created by The Forest Lab + available in three colorways – black, white + blue – the tee depicts New York Knicks phenom Jeremy Lin as spoof character ‘Mars Blackmon’ (pictured below), played […]