Goldfrapp: Annabel on

What a beautiful short film.  For Goldfrapp‘s latest single, ‘Annabel’, off their sixth album ‘Tales of Us’, instead of a music video, in this short, shot by Alison Goldfrapp’s partner Lisa Gunning, we are taken on a young androgynous boy’s journey of exploration of his femininity.  With Alison’s haunting vocals accompanied by acoustic + string instruments, the song builds along with the boy’s happiness in being free to be whom he wants to be.

Each song on ’Tales Of Us’ is named after a different person – in this case, ‘Annabel‘ was inspired by Kathleen Winter’s 2010 novel of the same name, which follows a hermaphrodite child who is forced into taking on a male identity in 1960s Canada.  Luckily, this ‘Annabel’ doesn’t have to make such harsh choices.


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