Introducing Other Fashion By StyleZeitgeist


With the over consumption of disposable fashion driven by the notion of ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’, one can take pause + opt for something a bit different, like the artisanal pieces at Other Fashion.  An e-commerce project of StyleZeitgeist, Other Fashion curates unique + beautiful items that bring emerging talent to a broader audience.


The items you’ll find at Other Fashion include, sunglasses, (above) with an ethically sourced African water buffalo horn frame + unique Sanjuro hand-notched treatment, made by hand by a single artisan + leather jackets, constructed entirely by hand in New York City from carefully selected skins, including all distressing, treatments, dyeing + stitching.  Most of the pieces, are not only handmade but can be custom made for each client specifically,which adds a special touch.  

Then again, with the StyleZeitgeist behind it, you know it has to be good.

(via ASVOF)

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