WANTED: Reptilian Scales Handpiece By Adriatic

When I first saw this ‘Reptilian Scales Handpiece’ by Adriatic, I imagined my hand, with these scales running over my wrist, as they peeked out through a cute fur jacket with an obnoxious collar.  This unique handmade brass handpiece is undeniably unique + simply, incredible – Talk about a statement piece! The ‘Reptilian Scales Handpiece’ consists […]

Finally, A Wicked Camera Strap With Reflective Material

There’s nothing I love more than lights, smoke + reflective anything, especially when it’s in a different color.  So I figured, wouldn’t it be so cool to shoot with a camera hanging from something that glimmers in the light.  Not being able to find something myself, I attempted at adhering a 3M reflective strip on […]

Introducing Other Fashion By StyleZeitgeist

With the over consumption of disposable fashion driven by the notion of ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’, one can take pause + opt for something a bit different, like the artisanal pieces at Other Fashion.  An e-commerce project of StyleZeitgeist, Other Fashion curates unique + beautiful items that bring emerging talent to a […]