WANTED: Reptilian Scales Handpiece By Adriatic



When I first saw this ‘Reptilian Scales Handpiece’ by Adriatic, I imagined my hand, with these scales running over my wrist, as they peeked out through a cute fur jacket with an obnoxious collar.  This unique handmade brass handpiece is undeniably unique + simply, incredible – Talk about a statement piece!


The ‘Reptilian Scales Handpiece’ consists of three parts – a ring, hand piece + bracelet – all attached with tiny springs for comfort + movability.  For contrast + depth, the metal is oxidized.  Now each piece must be custom made to your dimensions + if you desire another material or plating, you can contact the designer.

Top purchase your very own Adriatic Reptilian Scales Handpiece, click here.  Now, the question is, should you buy one or two?

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