KOSLAK Mixes Old Craftsmanship With Modern + Edgy Design For PROJECT: ZSHI’ (4) THE CRAFT OF MY ANCESTORS

PROJECT: ZSHI’ (4) THE CRAFT OF MY ANCESTORS by KOSLAK, combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design + edgy fashion, to create unique wooden pieces that not only talk about the people from the Ladakh region, but also about their hopes + their Buddhist beliefs.  Utilizing the special skills from the local Ladakh craftsmen + using traditional Buddhist motifs as the foundation of most of their designs, each KOSLAK piece appears to carry a sense of an old world amulet with the ability to ward off evil, like ‘The Silver Druk Necklace‘ below.

imageThis hand-carved wooden neck piece with two dragons guarding the dharma wheel, is suspended from a pure Silver chain. The piece, made of Himalayan wood is finished with a dark black glossy wood finish.  I would so wear this neck piece backwards with a back baring look.


Then you have ‘The Auspicious Chos’ Khor Wooden Bag‘ below, designed to be used as a minimal accessory bag.  The CHOS’ KHOR, meaning The Dharma Wheel, is skillfully hand carved with two dragons guarding it.  The wheel has eight spokes, representing the Eight fold Path of Buddhism.  This bag would definitely be a timeless addition to anyone’s accessory arsenal.


What’s even better about this project is how 10% of sale proceeds go directly to the artisans in Ladakh.

For your very own KOSLAK original piece, you can go to Wowcracy for purchase.

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