My LOVE For Fashion Goes Skin Deep, Literally!

Throughout all that was brewing around last week’s NYFW, one of the many things that stood out to me as truly cool and unique was jewelry designer Pamela Love‘s Pop-up Tattoo Parlor over at MilkMade’s Digital Bar, part of the MADE Fashion Week Weekend for her Spring 2013 collection – talk about presentation!

(photo: Pamela Love)

Already inked myself and a huge admirer of Love’s work, I couldn’t pass on this opportunity – a free tattoo by either of Pamela’s renowned tattoo artist friends, Minka Sicklinger, seen here (with Love) + menswear designer, Patrick ‘Fish’ King (below).

(photo: Amanda Hankan)

(photo: Mike Bogart)

Proposed as an open invitation to Love’s friends and public, I had to act fast, reserve my appointment + cross my fingers I’d be lucky enough to get in.  The only catch – your tattoo had to be of their design, not yours.  The tattoo designs were chosen by Pamela + her husband, Matthew Jameson Nelson Love, which included lunar cycles, Day of the Dead + traditional Navajo and Zuni symbols as seen below.

(photo: Lisa Mendelup)

Now many of you might think, ‘jewelry and tattoos I don’t get it,’ but based on Love’s designs and general esthetic, it’s not hard not to imagine wearing a tattoo along with one of her pieces.  Pamela told Milk MADE, ‘I’ve had the idea to do a tattoo parlour for a longtime.  I love tattoos, I have 17 and wanted to do something inspired by the collection that was more interactive.” 

Wonder how Love will top this for the next NYFW?  

Oh, + by the way, I did manage to get on the list and got this feather tattoo on my inner right wrist by ‘Fish’ (Patrick ‘Fish’ King).  While I was getting my tattoo, ‘Fish’ mentioned how I would never find myself in that type of setting or scenario getting a tattoo, making the whole experience that much more fun.

What do you think?

(via Milk MADE)

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