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Wake up to ‘The Magic Gap’ by fashion photographer + director Guy Aroch, part of the #DefineBeauty NOWNESS series which explores that much talked about subject about the space between women’s legs.  A topic that’s compromised many women’s body image, as if to say, ‘the bigger the gap, the thinner you are’, Aroch takes a more romantic approach with lots of tongue-in-cheek (couldn’t help it!).  By asking a lot of people what they thought ‘the magic gap’ was, their answers became the voiceovers you hear along with the director’s signature sun-kissed filter images, reinforcing that vintage feel.  On the definition of what ‘the magic gap was’, Aroch wanted to be that fly-on-the-wall, an obvious voyeur, saying, ‘Most people that didn’t actually know the answer—99% of them. And I didn’t tell them either.’

Aroch wanted to “diffuse” the controversial topic as he tells NOWNESS, ‘It was more a comment on the mysterious fixation women have, because as a male, I didn’t even know it was a thing.’  By retreating to his famous romanticized esthetic, often found in the pages of Harper’s BazaarNuméro + GQ, Aroch cast his regularly photographed models including Chanel Iman + Gigi Hadidto illustrate this controversial fixation with this thigh gap or the structure of the pelvic bone, along with the dialogue, the size of ‘the magic gap’ becomes irrelevant, allowing the viewer to just appreciate ‘gaps’ of all sizes.



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