The Magic Gap on Wake up to ‘The Magic Gap’ by fashion photographer + director Guy Aroch, part of the #DefineBeauty NOWNESS series which explores that much talked about subject about the space between women’s legs.  A topic that’s compromised many women’s body image, as if to say, ‘the bigger the gap, the thinner […]

Crème Caramel on Part Three of the NOWNESS #DefineBeauty series, in ‘Crème Caramel’, directed by Canada, we get to witness how a man sees the woman of his obsession.  Canada’s Nicolás Méndez + Lope Serrano deconstructed the sensuality of the female form from the mundane to the profane + the obsession behind it.  As […]

Les Fleurs on To have or to have not, has been the only question when it comes to women + body hair, which brings us to this morning’s short ‘Les Fleurs’.  Part one of the weekly NOWNESS ‘#DefineBeauty’ series, filmmaker Saam Farahmand interprets this debate in the most beautiful way. Saam’s approach was simple: address what’s commonly […]