Here’s i-D’s i-Do, shot by Zoe Bulbeck, as an homage to Jessie Ware‘s trademark double bun worn brilliantly on her album cover release ‘Devotion’, as seen here.   But it doesn’t stop at just the hair either – after the i-Do, makeup is then applied to replicate the softness of Jessie’s face, which is a great way to off-set […]

Two Of Hip-Hop’s Early Collaborators From The Eighties, Set-Up A Pop-Up Shop

In LES, Just In Time For The Holidays! Yes, yes, yes, DOUBLE GOOSE + Cazal are setting up a pop-up shop in LES’s Prohibit.  Considered as the ‘only’ coat for Hip-Hop pioneers such as Run-DMC, LL Kool J + Rakim, the Double Goose coat never sacrificed form for function + vice versa.  Instead, it opted […]

Maybe Artist Willi Dorner Has Devised A New Way To Stage Fashion Shows?

Well, At Least I’d Like To Think So Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner has taken a simple notion and turned it into something really great – using people to fill-in or ‘color’ urban spaces, literally.  Yet, Doner’s imagination spares no limits to what groups of people, clad in colorful sweatpants + hoodies, can create in a […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Naturally, when compiling a gift guide, one assumes there should be either a theme if not, gifts categorized according to recipient.  Yet, for my guide I figured, to offer random possibilities, usually how my mind works most of the time. 1  2 1 How’s this for a bottle opener-so beautiful, you’ll want to just have it on your […]

Beautiful Irony By Artist Peter Gronquist

The sudden love affair with taxidermy, that doesn’t seem to wane anytime soon, with several comical interpretations in cardboard, papier-mâché and inflatable plastic.  In steps  Portland, Oregon’s own, artist Peter Gronquist with his own versions to flip the script.  Full of cynicism and flash, his taxidermic sculptures are truly breathtaking while drenched in irony. Who would […]

Rossy de Palma, A Beauty All Her Own For Schön

Here’s the amazing eccentric, beautiful + legendary (a known Pedro Almodovar co-conspirator) Spanish actress + artist Rossy de Palma looking ever so everything in Schön magazine’s 19th issue. Photographed by Vincent Urbani, styled by Ignazio Arizmendi + Mar Pulido with makeup by Elede Lopez, you are pulled into a world of fantasy and opulence.   Drenched in designer […]