Now Pharell Has A Great Kaws To Share His New Girl

That’s if you like to smell good? To say Pharell Willliams has bad taste is inconceivable, so when I read about his collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS to create a scent, I wasn’t surprised.  Pharell is living proof how style isn’t learned but how it all has to do with impulse + instinct.  Ironically, the scent is […]

Natasha Khan: Under the Indigo Moon on Sunny glazed films are far better than glazed donuts, especially when it’s YMC-styled fashion film ‘Under The Indigo Moon’ by Bat For Lashes songstress Natasha Kahn.  Inspired by Patricia Arquette’s trashy, playful, US motel aesthetic in film ‘True Romance’, Kahn captures her sepia-coated road trip, driving along the snaking […]

‘GIF-iti’ By Insa Might Make You Dizzy

When offline meets online like this, who would expect such genius? After collecting images of his graffiti artwork from around the world, designer INSA animated them as GIFs + calling the series ‘GIF-iti’.  The series is comprised of graffiti wall murals that are each hand painted + photographed in sequences of 8 frames.  Sounds easy, right?  Some of […]

Crème Caramel on Part Three of the NOWNESS #DefineBeauty series, in ‘Crème Caramel’, directed by Canada, we get to witness how a man sees the woman of his obsession.  Canada’s Nicolás Méndez + Lope Serrano deconstructed the sensuality of the female form from the mundane to the profane + the obsession behind it.  As […]

Bubble Wrap Paintings Imitate Impressisonism With Just A Pop

Who knew that bubble wrap, which can amuse for hours but also torment some four-legged friends, could also be a great medium for painting?  Lucky for us, artist Bradley Hart shows us below, with his renditions of famous paintings like Mona Lisa.   Yet, Hart doesn’t paint on top of the bubble wrap, as one […]