How To Say I Hate You On Valentine’s Day

anti valentine billboard, unknown, cause and yvette

This billboard proves there’s nothing worst than a woman scorned-talk about airing a cheater’s dirty laundry!

With Valentine’s Day only a few weeks away, I’m sure you’re beyond nauseous at the mere sight of heart shaped candies, heart shaped mugs, etc etc, with retailers ‘milking it’ a month in advance. You kind of have to wonder if romance even exists anymore with people needing reminders. But this billboard above is a reminder indeed of the dangers of crossing a woman.

So what really happened?

Emily from New York decided to get back at her cheating husband by not only putting up a billboard describing his indiscretion but also paying for it with their joint bank account.  Pure genius!

Kind of a nice exhale from all the ‘love’ in the air pre-Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?


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